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How to Secure and Save Your Campsite

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Leaving a Dispersed Camp for Supplies

Living in a Class R RV has many benefits, but it also has its drawbacks. People always ask if it would be easier towing a vehicle (“Toad”) for running errands and zipping around towns. And the bigger question is, what do I do when I need to leave camp to go get supplies? “How are you securing your campsite when you have to leave in your RV?”

Normally, I find a camp that I plan on staying at for the maximum amount of time, which is about 10-14 days, depending on how much I conserve my water. By then, I’m ready to move on. But sometimes in my travels, I might be seeking a one or two-nighter and get lucky and find a spot I want to stay at longer. That means I must run into the nearest town to supply up. So how do I secure my spot?

#1 Make Your Dispersed Campsite Look "Lived-In"

First, I put a few things out to claim my camping spot. I usually leave my RV Rug and a cheap chair. You can also hang a clothesline or drape a tarp. If you have a cheap tent, put that up too, the more you can make the site look ‘lived in’ the better. Also, spread things out across your camp to claim all the space you need to feel comfortable and safe. AND NEVER leave anything you can’t live without! Leave only inexpensive, replaceable items in case they walk away while you’re gone.

Leave a Sign Securing Your Campsite

Second, I always leave a sign that the site is occupied and the date. This lets Rangers and other campers know that the site isn’t abandoned and that I plan on returning soon. Use a sharpie and a big piece of cardboard and prop it at the opening of your site on a chair, tree, or rock so that anyone who might be thinking of taking the spot will see it right away.

Supplied Up & Camp Secured

That’s all it takes to secure your camping spot in the National Forest or on BLM lands. Using these two simple tricks has saved my spot for a morning, afternoon or most of the day while I supply up.
Do you have any tips for saving your spot to run errands that I haven’t mentioned? Leave them in the comments below!

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