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Full Time RV Living...And Learning How to Live it!

Are you ready to embrace RV Living Full Time?

  • Do you fantasize about ditching the 9-5 job, the mortgage, and the trivialities of everyday life to live a life of freedom and adventure?
  • Do you daydream about hopping in your car and hitting the open road?
  • Do you dream of grabbing your backpack and wandering into the wilderness indefinitely?

If so, this is the website for you!

I’m a Solo Woman Living and Traveling in an RV Full time since 2016! I’ve covered 48 states and over 120,000 miles...
Carolyn Higgins
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Carolyn Higgins
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Full Time RV Living Resources

Need help planning your RV Life or wondering how to get started? Check out some of my most helpful resources below.

Free Campsites

How to find FREE campsites and my favorite spots.

RV Gear

Easily find what actually works and is recommended for Full-Time RV Living.

Work from the Road

How to Make Money as a Full Time RVer, VanDweller or Traveler.

Living in an RV

How to Live in an RV Videos: Everything from RV Solar to RV Electrical and how to find free camping.

Fresh from the Blog

Looking for tips, tricks, and the real story of RV life? View my blog library to find the answers.


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