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The Best Tips to Enjoy RV Camping in the Snow


6 Essential Tips for RV Winter Wonderland on Wheels

If you love pristine nature and few people, embarking on an RV adventure during the winter months can be a magical experience. However, it requires some extra preparation, especially for full-time RVers and those new to the RV lifestyle. Here are six indispensable tips to ensure a cozy and safe winter RV camping experience.

#1 Insulate for Comfort

Full-time RVers and newcomers alike should prioritize insulation. Check for drafts, seal windows and doors, and consider adding thermal curtains. Invest in a set of insulating skirting to keep the cold wind at bay and maintain a comfortable interior temperature. Don’t forget to insulate pipes and use weather-resistant sealants to prevent heat loss. Pro Tip: Reflectix is a great and affordable insulator for windows, pipes, windshields, and vents!

#2 Master the Art of Winterizing

For those new to RV living, understanding how to winterize your RV is crucial. This involves protecting your water system from freezing. Insulate pipes, use heating pads, and add antifreeze to prevent damage. Consult your RV’s manual or seek professional assistance to ensure you cover all the necessary steps.

PRO TIP: I’ve lived through 8 winters (Check out my first winter in FREEZING weather, below!) in my RV and have not had any issues with pipes or tanks freezing in temps as low as 23 f as long as the days warm up to at least 45 degrees.  My outdoor shower froze (and ended up leaking!) one winter when the temperatures dipped into the teens.  So make sure your outdoor shower is drained and insulated when you know the temperature will fall below 20.

#3 Choose the Right Campground

If you’re traveling in your RV in temperatures that remain below freezing for many hours or days, boondocking might be out of the question if your RV isn’t set up for it. Selecting the right campground is key, especially for full-time RVers seeking extended winter stays. Look for RV parks that offer amenities suitable for winter living, such as electric hookups, heated restrooms, and well-maintained plowed roads. Contact the campground in advance to confirm their winter facilities and any specific regulations and to make sure they’re open year-round.

Many newer RVs come with tank heaters to prevent your black and gray tanks from freezing and cracking. You can only use them when plugged into shore power or they’ll drain your RV Battery.

PRO TIP: If you can’t find an RV park or campground, make sure your tanks aren’t full, so if they do freeze, they won’t expand beyond capacity and crack.  Also, turn off your water pump and drain your water lines of both cold and hot water. 

#4 Gear Up for Winter Driving

Winter driving in an RV requires additional precautions. Equip your RV with snow chains or tire socks for added traction. Ensure your tires are suitable for winter conditions, and keep an eye on tire pressure. Pack an efficient ice scraper, and snow shovel. Consider carrying sand or kitty litter for added traction in case you encounter slippery surfaces.

PRO TIP: Traction boards are a must-have addition to RV life. They can help you get unstuck in snow, sand, and mud!

#5 Prioritize Safety and Emergency Preparedness

Safety should always be a priority, especially for those new to RV living. Stay informed about weather forecasts and road conditions, and be prepared for unexpected challenges. Create an emergency kit that includes essentials like extra blankets, warm clothing, non-perishable food, a first aid kit, and a communication device.

PRO TIP: You never know when you’ll be out of cell range when traveling in an RV. I recommend a personal satellite locator device like SPOT, so you can get help no matter where you are.

#6 Boondocking in the Snow

Most National Forest roads will be impassable in the winter. They’ll either be covered in feet of snow, or too wet and muddy. If you’re lucky enough to find one that you can drive on, make sure you know the weather forecast for the duration of your stay so you can plan your stay and your travel day accordingly. Snow can quickly turn to slush and mud, creating impassable roads.

PRO TIP: If I’m boondocking on a dirt road, I always pay attention to when it’s going to rain. Usually, depending on the geography and my schedule, I either plan to leave before the bad weather or plan to be supplied up to ride it out and wait for the road to become passable again. Awareness and planning are Key!


RV camping in the snow can be a delightful adventure for full-time RVers and newcomers alike. By focusing on insulation, winterizing, campground selection, winter driving gear, and safety measures, you’ll be well-prepared to embrace the beauty of winter while enjoying the comforts of your home on wheels. Stay warm, stay safe, and let the winter wonderland on wheels become an unforgettable part of your RV journey.

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