I shared the 10 Must Have Items for Full-Time RV Living in a recent video to help you prepare for full time RV or Van Life.

After living in an RV for nearly 4 years, I’ve learned there are some tools, services and products that I can’t live without. I share those with you and why they’re critical to successful and comfortable full time RV Life!

RV Living and Van Life Necessities

Here are a few of the must have items for Full-Time RV Living or van dwelling, I cover in the video. You can get the full list – and why they’re so important – in the video!

  1. Good Road- Side Assistance. Not all RV Road Side Assistance plans are created equal – make sure you know what to look for! Watch now!
  2. Nationwide Guarantees and Service Plans – don”t be stranded in Hell Michigan with a warranty only good in Texas! Here’s how to get the best service plans!
  3. The Right Tools – I go over ALL the tools you need to take care of yourself in an emergency. There might be a few here that surprise you!

You can watch the video here!

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What are some of the items you’ve found critical to successful RV Living or Van Dwelling? Leave your comments below!

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  1. Your health? Please consider INTRAcellular pathogens such as lime disease, listeriosis, and ricketsial diseases. These are acquired outdoors or from unpasteurized dairy products.

  2. Are you still running your website? I don’t see any newer posts? Or maybe I can’t see them for some reason. This is the newest one (2020)

    Hope all is well

  3. I have watched you before Alaska or your long hike I don’t remember which came first. I’m 62, disabled woman. My lease is over in nov. and I hope to have my 1995 gmc 2500 Vandura conversion van ready to move into. 800.00-1000.00 a mo. I have a 2 bdrm apt full of “stuff”. I am understandably fearful, but brave. I’m escaping a 35 yr narcissistic relationship, plus the 12yrs with a narcissist mother until I escaped “ran” from her. Going through much education and healing from from all this “stuff”. This is the first time I can remember writing nomad including Bob. Thanks for the, “Leave a reply”. I live in KansasCity, mo. You are awesome and have helped me more than you can imagine. Thx so much!

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