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How to Stealth Camp in a Class C RV

stealth camping in an RV

When you picture a 29’ Class C RV, “Stealth” isn’t exactly the word that comes to mind. But in my young RV Life,  I was determined to be a stealth-nomad, flowing in and out of cities, flying under the radar and living free! I’m not quite sure where the idea came from, but for some reason, […]

RV Life in Enterprise and Joseph Oregon

I loved this part of northeastern Oregon!  Enterprise and Joseph are just six miles apart but are quite different experiences. I first drove into Joseph from the Hells Canyon Scenic Byway and was spilled into a small town bustling with a pleasant mix of (mostly boomer-generation) tourists and old-time residents.  The idyllic scenery is the […]

Oh Lord Stuck in Ole’ Joseph…

Wallow Lake, Joseph, OR

Another exciting week of RV Living! I had a great time in Joseph Oregon and learned that when my RV, Big Bertha speaks to me, I need to  listen! Here’s how I handled a break down while living in my RV. I’d been hanging around Joseph and Enterprise Oregon for three days waiting for my […]

14 Things I Learned in My First 4 Months of RV Living

Carolyn's RV Life Blogs

Getting Started w/ RV Living, RV Living Tips 14 Things I Learned in My First 4 Months of RV Living Posted by Carolyn Higgins on August 28, 2016 This week was my 4-month anniversary living in an RV! Last week, I posted a blog about the day I left the backyard of my suburban apartment and embarked on my […]