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The Easiest and Best Tips for Finding Free RV Campsites

RV Living Tips Finding Free Campsites Tips Posted by Carolyn Higgins on April 20, 2022 Viewers on my YouTube channel ask me all the time, how I find the Most AMAZING FREE campsites for boondocking in my Class C RV. Below, I’m going to share with you my best tips and secrets for how I […]


Getting Started w/ RV Living, RV Living Tips FIVE REASONS TO LIVE IN A CLASS C RV Posted by Carolyn Higgins on March 16, 2022 If you had the choice to live in an RV, van, motorhome, School Bus, Class A, Class C, or Sprinter van what would you choose to live in??  There are […]

The Best RV Living Tips on Safety and Fear

RV Living Tips, RVing Safety Tips RV Living Safety Tips Posted by Carolyn Higgins on February 14, 2022 RV living can feel exhilarating, challenging, and scary simultaneously. After setting out in my RV in 2016, I’ve learned a lot about RV Living safety and dealing with fear. Most of my encounters with strangers have been […]

The Best Tips for RV Living and Extreme Weather

RV Living Tips, RVing Safety Tips Posted by Carolyn Higgins The Best Tips for RV Living and Extreme Weather on January 11, 2022 Living and traveling full-time in my Class C RV since 2016, I have experienced more extreme weather this year than any other time. I have encountered tornado watches in Wyoming, windstorms that […]

Freezing Weather RV Living

In this blog, I share simple and affordable tips on how you can winterize your RV for winter nights and stay warm while it is freezing outside.

10 Signs You Will Fail Living RV Life

RV Living Tips 10 Signs RV Life May Not be For You Posted by Carolyn Higgins on January 20, 2019 Is Full-Time RV Life right for you? Full time RV Living may not be for everyone. There are certain characteristics or traits that make a successful modern-day-nomad. You may want to consider risk tolerance, budget, […]

8 Signs You’re Destined to be a Full Time RVer or VanDweller

Full time RVers and VanDwellers are as diverse as any individuals you’d find in a traditional community.  Some love to live in RV parks or explore National Parks. Some prefer to stealth camp in urban areas. And others,  like me, are boondockers who crave the peace and solitude that only the most remote National Forest […]

How I Insulate My RV on the Fly to Not Freeze in Cold Weather

RV Living Boondocking Winnemucca Nevada

Life is an adventure… at least mine is- and that’s very much by design! I was recently driving through the high desert in Nevada, on my way south, after spending Thanksgiving with my friend Bob (Bob Wells, CheapRVLiving.com –  I know many of you know him) and his family in Medford, Oregon. Since I don’t […]

How to Stealth Camp in a Class C RV

Stealth Camping in a Class C RV

On the Road, RV Living Tips How to Stealth Camp in a Class C RV Posted by Carolyn Higgins on November 27, 2016 When you picture a 29’ Class C RV, “Stealth” isn’t exactly the word that comes to mind. But in my young RV Life,  I was determined to be a stealth-nomad, flowing in and […]

Things That Go Bump in the Night: Scary RV Invaders

scary Halloween night in RV

Last week I was camped out in an auto shop about 100 miles north of San Francisco, getting my RV transmission rebuilt.  Being stuck and cooped up was trying, to say the least.  And one cold and stormy night, I had quite a fright! It was just past seven, the air was chill and the wind […]