RV Wind Storm Safety: How to Survive

RV Living Tips, RVing Safety Tips RV Wind Storm Safety: How to Survive Posted by Carolyn Higgins on December 14, 2022 Living full-time in an RV means encountering every type of weather condition. I’ve been through some crazy wind storms over the last six years, experiencing wind gusts up to 70 mph/43 km. Sitting in […]

My Best States for Winter RV Life

Places, RV Living Tips My Best States for Winter RV Life Posted by Carolyn Higgins on October 18, 2022 Fall is in the air, and winter is around the corner. For those of us who live in Residential Vehicles, cars, or vans, this time of year means we either winterize or move to warmer weather. […]

Securing Your Campsite When You’re Gone

RV Living Tips Securing Your Campsite When You’re Gone Posted by Carolyn Higgins on September 20, 2022 Leaving a Dispersed Camp for Supplies Living in a Class R RV has many benefits, but it also has its drawbacks. People always ask if it would be easier towing a vehicle (“Toad”) for running errands and zipping […]

How to Dump an RV Black Tank

RV Living Tips How to Dump an RV Black Tank Posted by Carolyn Higgins on August 23, 2022 One of the most frequent questions asked by my YouTube audience is how to dump my Class C RV black tank, especially since I like to boondock and not stay at campsites. I know many people are […]

Boondocking: The Three Big Dos and Don’ts

Do you dream of taking your RV, Van, Motorhome, or Trailer off grid to enjoy America’s beautiful National Forests? If so, there are a few things you’ll need to know before heading out for boondocking.  I have three Do’s and three Don’ts that every Boondocker needs to know for to enjoy fun and safe dispersed […]

Wildfire Safety

It’s summer! The days are longer, the sun is brighter, and the temperatures are higher. Do you know what this means for most of the western United States? If you guessed Wildfire Season you guessed right. It’s a sad reality for many western states. From May to October wildfires present tremendous risk to our National Forests […]

How to Buy the BEST Used RV

How to Buy the Best Used RV

In this blog, I want to share the process I used to purchase a new-to-me, used RV, replacing the infamous “Matilda”. The decision to purchase a new-to-me RV was definitely not a rash one. It took me a couple of years to make the choice to part with my first RV, Matilda, which was a […]

Finding Free Campsites Tips

Viewers on my YouTube channel ask me all the time, how I find the Most AMAZING FREE campsites for boondocking in my Class C RV. Below, I’m going to share with you my best tips and secrets for how I find free campsites for boondocking locations using my favorite apps.  So let’s talk about Boondocking. […]

RV Living Safety Tips

RV living can feel exhilarating, challenging, and scary simultaneously. After setting out in my RV in 2016, I’ve learned a lot about RV Living safety and dealing with fear. Most of my encounters with strangers have been overwhelmingly positive, friendly, and harmless. This doesn’t mean that I’ve never been afraid or questioned whether I’m in […]

10 Signs RV Life May Not be For You

Full time RV Living may not be for everyone. There are certain characteristics or traits that make a successful modern-day-nomad. You may want to consider risk tolerance, budget, loneliness and more. Do you have what it takes? Check out this video to find out!