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DO Sweat the Small Stuff (When You Live in an RV)

RV Breakdwon Stuck at RV Repair in California

Stuck on the Interstate in my RV AAA has lost my business forever. I don’t know what kind of crap they pulled with me, but when I was stranded on the Interstate on a Sunday afternoon with transmission fluid spewing out of my RV, they abandoned me.  That is unforgiveable. On February 27, the day […]

Oh Lord Stuck in Ole’ Joseph…

Wallow Lake, Joseph, OR

Another exciting week of RV Living! I had a great time in Joseph Oregon and learned that when my RV, Big Bertha speaks to me, I need to  listen! Here’s how I handled a break down while living in my RV. I’d been hanging around Joseph and Enterprise Oregon for three days waiting for my […]