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How to Buy the BEST Used RV

How to Buy the Best Used RV

Getting Started w/ RV Living, RV Living Tips How to Buy the BEST Used RV Posted by Carolyn Higgins on May 5, 2022 In this blog, I want to share the process I used to purchase a new-to-me, used RV, replacing the infamous “Matilda”. The decision to purchase a new-to-me RV was definitely not a […]

A Nomad Thanksgiving

Holidays, Philosophical Ramblings, Uncategorized A Nomad Thanksgiving Posted by Carolyn Higgins on November 24, 2021 What is Thanksgiving really about? Well, it is another Nomad Thanksgiving day for me. And while my American brothers and sisters are busy being grateful for Butterballs, the NFL, and $100 Sony TVs on Black Friday, I sit here, alone […]