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Free Hot Springs at Tecopa, California

Places, Videos Free Hot Springs at Tecopa, California Posted by Carolyn Higgins on March 19, 2019 My full time RV life took me to a remote and free hot springs in Tecopa California recently. I enjoyed a relaxing dip in the natural warm waters and had the pool all to myself. RV Living and Finding […]

How I Insulate My RV on the Fly to Not Freeze in Cold Weather

RV Living Boondocking Winnemucca Nevada

Life is an adventure… at least mine is- and that’s very much by design! I was recently driving through the high desert in Nevada, on my way south, after spending Thanksgiving with my friend Bob (Bob Wells, CheapRVLiving.com –  I know many of you know him) and his family in Medford, Oregon. Since I don’t […]