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A Nomad Thanksgiving

Holidays, Philosophical Ramblings, Uncategorized A Nomad Thanksgiving Posted by Carolyn Higgins on November 24, 2021 What is Thanksgiving really about? Well, it is another Nomad Thanksgiving day for me. And while my American brothers and sisters are busy being grateful for Butterballs, the NFL, and $100 Sony TVs on Black Friday, I sit here, alone […]

8 Signs You’re Destined to be a Full Time RVer or VanDweller

Full time RVers and VanDwellers are as diverse as any individuals you’d find in a traditional community.  Some love to live in RV parks or explore National Parks. Some prefer to stealth camp in urban areas. And others,  like me, are boondockers who crave the peace and solitude that only the most remote National Forest […]

Gratitude: RV Living Style!

RV Life Thanksgiving scene

Tis the season to take stock of our lives and count the many things we have to be grateful for. It seems to be a practice that melts into our collective psyche, because without consciously thinking about it, a powerful and soothing feeling of gratitude has permeated my very soul this week. I’m more contented and […]

Saying Goodbye to Life as I Know It

My Story, Philosophical Ramblings Saying Goodbye to Life as I Know It Posted by Carolyn Higgins on August 25, 2016 It was a typically warm and sunny spring day in the San Francisco East Bay when I hoisted myself into my rig with padlock key in hand and backed out of the grassy knoll I’d […]