Working on the Road

How to Make Money as a Full Time RVer, VanDweller or Traveler

Some of us aren’t yet retirement age but dream of living a free life. If you’re like me and far from independently wealthy,  earning a living while traveling and living in your RV full time will be a consideration.

I started my Marketing Consulting practice 7 years ago and have transitioned all of my clients to remote work. I am now able to earn a living anywhere, as long as I have a cell phone signal to get an internet connection.

Not everyone can do this, but don’t worry, there are plenty of ways to earn a living on the road.

  1.  If you’re creative or have a specific skill you can do online, join websites like:
    • eLance also know as “Upwork” is a paid site for people looking for freelance work. eLance  has a free basic membership or you can upgrade to premium for $10/month to access more features.  My experience was that bidding on jobs was not easy – most seemed to want previous eLance experience – i got frustrated and gave up.  I still get their emails, if you’re patient, I’ve heard from freelancers I’ve hired from the site that the gigs can be good.

      Working in an rV Digital nomad
      Be a Digital Nomad!
    • Thumbtack.  I use Thumbtack to bid on jobs in Marketing, but they have opportunities for freelancers for everything from dog grooming to personal training and house painting to catering to legal services to IT.  It costs between $1 – $10 to bid on a job. Check it  out and Use this link to get  up to $45 in FREE credits when you purchase credits
  2. Start a website or blog and add affiliate marketing links, like Amazon and Google Adsense.
  3.  Look on Craigslist for odd jobs
  4. Amazon High Volume Hiring – During the holidays Amazon hires thousands of seasonal workers to fulfill the heavy demand. The hours are long and you’re on your feet the whole day. But if you can do it it’s some of the best paying work around for RVers.
  5. – boasts, “Jobs in great places” and is a great directory of seasonal and adventure work for RVers. some even come with an RV Space.
  6.  at Recreation Resource Management  lists campground job opportunities from restaurant positions to campground hosts.  Also check out their sister site for campground host jobs.
  7. claims to be, “The Original Resource of Jobs for Rvers since 1987!”
  8.  –  “a free site for RV workers and the companies that need them”.  You can sign up for free, create a profile and start browsing jobs!
  9. has several blogs and  videos on their Youtube channel about how to earn money as a nomad. He covers everything from harvesting beets to working as a traveling poker dealer. Check it out.

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