Work With Me!

Do you need RV Living Advice and Guidance?

Due to the overwhelming response to my YouTube Videos and requests for information on how to live the RV Life, I am now offering one hour consulting sessions for anyone who is thinking about taking the leap into full-time RV Living  and wants advice and guidance.

Get the guidance you need to take the leap to freedom!

  • What’s the best mobile home for you?
  • How to buy an RV or Van
  • How to make money on the road
  • How to get started
  • How to handle safety on the road
  • How to deal with RV maintenance and care
  • and much, much more!

You Can Also Get Help with Your Website, Blog, YouTube Channel or Social Media Presence

I make a living as a Marketing Consultant for small  and medium sized business owners. I do everything from strategic planning, market research and analysis to blogging and social media management.

My passion is helping people like us figure out how to live the life of our dreams!  My goal is to transform my business into a service just for full time RVers.

I provide marketing consulting services for the following:

  • Website strategy
  • Social media
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • YouTube


Book your 50 minute phone consultation now!   You can ask me questions about RV living, how to buy an RV, how to work on the road,  and more.

Or you can use the time to get professional  Marketing advice; everything from  branding to  growing your YouTube audience, creating videos, gear questions, or anything else you want guidance on!

50 Minute Consultations for full time RVers or Vandwellers  – or those who want to be

Just $150.  

Limited Time Offer!  Only $95 for Subscribers to my YouTube Channel

(RV Life consultations only)

50 Minute Consultations for YouTubers – or those who want to be –  for just $225.

Simply email me some times you would like to schedule your consultation and I will get back to you within three business days.



Kim T (aka RoamTownGirl on YouTube):My consultation session with Carolyn was exactly what I had hoped for. I can’t believe how much we covered in just 50 minutes. I love that I came away with FIVE action items that I believe will really make a difference in growing the subscribership on my channel. Thank you again Carolyn. You helped me so much!”
Nina Wade,  20+ year Entrepreneur: “My consultation today with Carolyn has ignited an excitement and fire in me that my 20 yr old business was yearning for.  Carolyn took the time to know me, my goals and needs and gave me an actual action plan! 
She knows her stuff regarding marketing, social media and the unique nuances pertaining to my biz that I didn’t need to explain. Carolyn gives a personal touch that made it feel like I was talking to an old friend who genuinely cares about me and my business. 
You’re the real deal Carolyn! Thank you!”
Kelli P,  Future RV Lifer: “I had so many questions about starting my RV Life and Carolyn answered them all! It was such a relief to get advice from someone who’s been there. She really put my mind at ease about my budget, working remotely, maintenance, navigating and more. I feel more ready than ever to hit the road!”